MySQL_Upgrade“Seeing together” is one of the collective practices of Tribal Alchemy. When tribes see challenges and opportunities together – from different angles and perspectives – they increase the possibility and quality of alchemy. So what helps a tribe see well together? There are a number of answers to that question, of course. One important dynamic of seeing together – that I discuss in my upcoming book – is what I call, upgrading the moment.

When too many moments are “normal” and “uneventful” we move into cruise control. There is no reason to see anything new or from a possibility orientation because, because, well…we already know what the moment will or will not yield. It’s just “another moment” (same ole, same ole) without significance or consequence.

Great tribes a-normalize the moment and believe the current situation matters, a lot.

There’s an Acura commercial out right now that illustrates upgrading the moment in a powerful way.

When moments matter, we observe and notice them in fresh ways. When moments are novel again, we are more likely to see ways to ingeniously arrange resources to meet challenges and opportunities.

What moments does your tribe need to upgrade? What moments do you personally need to upgrade?