Ingenuity Matters

Welcome to the Ingenuity Matters.  In this audio program, we’ll explore why ingenuity is the go-to skill that your organization   needs to consistently execute high-stakes work that advances your mission. Together we’ll explore:

What kind of environments require ingenuity

A description of ingenuity that gets to the heart of the skill and its elements

A powerful framework that your organization can use to solve with ingenuity          more consistently and mindfully


Below, there is a link to each segment of the program. Simply click on the link and it will take you to the chosen segment and all you’ll need to explore.

Your mission is too important and your resources too precious. Work with ingenuity!


The Program Elements – Click each segment below to access it.

Segment One – Introduction – Welcome to the program and the bartender that could

Segment Two – A first critical idea: In a complex system, solutions are temporary and vulnerable

Segment Three – Exploring the Cynefin Framework

Segment Four – Describing Ingenuity

Segment Five – The Framework – See

Segment Six – The Framework – Frame

Segment Seven – The Framework – Constrain

Segment Eight – The Framework – Connect

Segment Nine – The Framework – Name

Segment Ten – Keep Practicing